What Should I Do in Regards to My Broken Air Conditioner? PLEASE HELP?

those prices seem a bit high. get a few more estimates. you re better off getting a new unit bc new one will be at least 13 seer and a full 10 yr warranty.(better be). to the guy that said that 10 yrs is old for a goodman and not a rheem or whatever, tell me the difference between the compressors they use. copeland or bristol prolly inboth.

1. Is my car's air conditioner freon overfilled?

It will not work if over filled

2. The air conditioner has suddenly stopped blowing cool air?

Filter check is good start. Other responses I see have you start here...good place to start

3. My car says it is low on refrigerant. Is that for the air conditioner, could it be for anything else?

Hello, yes that is for the air conditioner . A refrigerant is a compound used in a heat cycle that undergoes a phase change from a gas to a liquid and back. The two main uses of refrigerants are refrigerators/freezers and air conditioners. Cf. coolant.

4. Why does an air conditioner need to sit for 24 hours after you install or move it?

My central air conditioner outside unit (compressor, condenser, condenser fan) had this warning in the installation instructions. (I was reading it while the pros did the installation.)The outside unit was delivered with a quantity of refrigerant and lubricant already installed. In cooler weather, it will be a liquid. Normally, it will be pooled in the crankcase at the bottom of the compressor. However, if enough finds its way into the compressor cylinder, you may get hydro-lock on that liquid when you first start the compressor.The compressor also contains a heating element: the crankcase heater. This will keep the refrigerant in a vapor state when it's in the compressor, preventing hydro-lock. But it's a very small heater; it may take 24 hours for it to fully vaporize the refrigerant, especially if it's first energized in cool weather.So the 24 hour warning is to allow any liquid refrigerant in the cylinder to drain back into the crankcase, and also to give the crankcase heater time to work. (Having said all that: the crankcase heater on my unit failed something like 15 years after installation. Dead short: I couldn't use the unit. The tech who diagnosed it for me said that in this climate, for A/C only, I didn't really need the crankcase heater. He left it disconnected, and departed leaving me with only a small bill. It's been working fine ever since, so I guess he was right.)I'm not an HVAC pro. But I read alot.Why does an air conditioner need to sit for 24 hours after you install or move it?

5. Air Conditioner problem. please help!?

bad condenser fan mtr., need licensed a/c person to repair

6. Has anyone heard of strange air conditioner noise?

Check your fan belts, if that's not it, check your significant other, might be them

7. window air conditioner 12,000 BTU; price and other questions?

Go to walmart and get one for about half what you saw on QVC. As long as you keep the door to the bath open you should be able to cool the room

8. Can I report a apartment complex that has a fitness center but no air conditioner?

They do not have to provide air conditioning. if someone goes in and works out in the non airconditioning and something happens to them-the apt complex is not liable. if you think the room is too hot to work out in, then do not work out in it.

9. Does an in room a/c unit (Air Conditioner) really need to be installed in a window ?

No,,,you can also cut a hole in the wall big enough to accommodate the unit. Then insert the unit and insulate and seal around it

10. what are some ways to cool off because i don't have an air conditioner?

I remember when we had no ac when i was growing up. we take it for granted these days. place curtains on windows that would block the heat of the sun from coming in. if possible try not to use stove/oven during the heat of the day.do you have screen doors (you can even have locks on them for some security)? it can help with some circulation. and cold showers before we went to bed is what we did to get comfortable to go to sleep.God bless you.

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