Your air conditioning system uses a large range of components in order to remove heat from your home and cool the air. It is difficult to say which one is most important because if one piece of the system breaks down then the rest of the system will soon stop work afterwards as well. We thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick list of some of the major parts of your air conditioning system and why they matter. If you need any type of services from a Spring, TX air conditioning company make sure that you call Expert Air. Check our short list of some of the components that are most critical for your home's air conditioning system. • The fans - Your air conditioning system uses two different fans to move air. There is one fan in the inside unit of your AC system that pulls in warm air from your home, pushes it over the cold evaporator coils and then on through your home's ductwork. There is another fan in the outdoor condensing unit that exhausts the heat from your home into the outside air. These two fans are critical to the operation of your home's air conditioner and if they break down you will likely not be able to get any cooling. • The coils - Two other critical parts of your home's air conditioner are the coils. Like your fans, there are two different sets of coils in your AC system. In your indoor unit, there is a set of evaporator coils that get very cold and contain a compressed refrigerant. The indoor fan pushes your home's warm air over these coils in order to cool it. The refrigerant absorbs heat out of the air and then carries the heat to the outdoor unit. There, another set of coils, called the condensing coils, use air blown over them by the outdoor fan to exhaust that heat into the air. • The compressor - Your air conditioning system also makes use of a compressor that is usually located in the outdoor condensing unit. In order to make the evaporator coils cold, a refrigerant has to be compressed and then released, similar to how the outside of a can of computer duster gets cold when you use it. If your compressor stops working the you wo not be able to get any cooling in your home. If you need a Spring, TX air conditioning company make sure that you call Expert Air. We have years of experience working with all different kinds of AC systems and will be able to get your system back up and working again quickly.

My window air conditioner quits cooling after 15 min is it a thermostat problem?

That is either a thermostat calibration problem or (most likely) the remote bulb that tells the thermostat to tell the compressor to shut off has been pushed back into the evaporator, where it is touching the coil. The other possibility is that the condenser & evaporator coils and/or the front filter is very dirty. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but the unit cannot reject heat so it tries harder to reject heat by making the evaporator coil much colder. That triggers the thermostatic bulb. If you started this unit this year without taking it out of the window then its filthy behind BOTH coils. Window units are just like central systems in that they need yearly service & extensive cleaning. that my 2 cents

I NEED HELP! My hair is SUPER DRY and I NEED a deep conditioner or something!!! HELP!!!?

use a hot oil treatment or aussie 3 minute miracle :) i hope that helps a bit

does anyone know if protein conditioner works to repair damaged hair?

im sure if you use it everyday for the next 20 years you may see some improvement. i am a chemist and to be honest the expensive ones contain exactly the same as the cheap ones just with different dyes and smells. all the expensive brands 'loreal, garnier ect" are all a con. if you look at the back of a pack and read the ingredients, some of them, you really wouldnt wat to know what it is or what it does. for example there is one chemical (not named) which i saw in the ingredients list for a shampoo (not named . . .cough cough . . Loreal nutrise) which is the same chemical i use in the lab to keep the flames going....basically its like petrol.... nice to know what your rubbing in your head and sniffing isnt it

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