Where Can I Find a Bed Frame That Is Barely Off of the Floor, Like 2-3 Inches?

My sleigh bed from Bassett Furniture sits very low. About 3" off the floor and I love the look. Most sleigh beds are made that way. Platform beds are mostly all the way to the floor unless it sits on another platform in the middle.

1. Whats the best kind of spray paint to paint a metal bed frame with?

Most any spray paint will do fine. However, make sure that the frame is clean first. And it's always a good idea to prime before painting

2. what is the strongest metal a bed frame can be made of?

Titanium is one of the strongest metals, but I've never seen a bed frame made out of it. Probably steel is your best bet

3. How long do you think it will take to put together a bed frame?

2 to 10 for a standard cheezie one. If you have all of the correct pieces and the area is ready to be worked in without stuff all over, and the mattress and box spring out the door.

4. How much would a mattress and box spring cost, minus the bed frame?

Most people would pay $150 for a old used bed if they can get a new one for around $500. With $500 they are also looking at getting the frame the box spring sits on. I paid 800 for a king size with a pillow top and the frame. I would donate it to a local charity and write it off on your taxes next year.

5. how to fix a box spring from falling through a bed frame?

Wood Slats: wood slats are 1" thick x 3"wide and the length would be the distance from the left side of the frame rail to the right side of the frame rail, usually 4 or 5 will be enough placed around 16" apart starting at the head of the bed going down to the foot of the bed. That's the way it was done back in the day ;-)

6. I have the mattress, I have a bed frame with slats, what I don't have is something to support the mattress.?

A bunkie board is thick cardboard wrapped around wooden slats. They go for approximately $50.00. Measure the EXACT width of the frame and take that to your local lumber store and for $20 -$30 buy a 3/4" interior grade plywood. Or you can buy a box spring for $200 -$400.

7. How much does it cost to treat a 300 sq ft apartment for bedbugs? Are there any over the counter products or natural ways to get rid of them?

Heat. Research how hot and how long it needs to be but if your apartment is next to another, either side or upstairs they need to do it as well or the bugs can come back. For peace of mind I would look between your box spring and mattress, kill any bugs you see. If you see spots that look like black ink dots that is their poop, your blood. Spray the heck out of your mattress. Go get bed bug mattress covers and put them on after you pull your bed away from the wall. Get rid of your bed skirt if you have one, they hide there and under your box spring but you should cover that. Coat your bed frame legs in Vaseline and sprinkle diamaceous earth (can get at Home Depot)around your base boards and bed frame, you can dust the sides of your new covers with a dry paint brush with it too. Once you see them there is no unseeing it and it can stay with you for a long time, I still freak out around bugs. This may help you sleep at night until you get rid of them. Don't forget to completely strip your bed and wash everything in the hottest water and dry on the hottest setting possible for an hour. How much does it cost to treat a 300 sq ft apartment for bedbugs? Are there any over the counter products or natural ways to get rid of them?

8. Do I Need An Ikea Mattress For An Ikea Bed Frame?

When IKEA first started selling bedding in the USA they had European sizes to the mattresses that were different from the US. But in the past 2 decades they have switched to standard US sizes. So it depends on how old the IKEA bed frame is. We used to have one we bought in the 1980's and it was a little larger than a queen. But I have a 20 year old IKEA four poster now that is exact US queen (60" x 80"). The other thing you have to consider is design. Some IKEA frames have a slat base that substitutes for the box spring. You need to have a mattress with a fairly stiff core for a slat bed that you will not use a box spring with. Softer foam mattresses will not work well on these. Measure your bed frame and mattress and make sure they match, that is the only way to do it.

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