Which Bed Frame Is Better!!!!!!?

They are the same. If they are US made, there is only one company that makes bed frames. Check a local bedding store. Shipping will be about $20

1. How do you spray paint a bed frame ?

I would at least take it out of the room, and into a place where the overspray wo not land on anything important. A garage, a basement, or outdoors would probably be good. I would not do it in the bedroom, because the spray ALWAYS goes further than you think it will. Clean the frame well. Paint wo not stick to dirt, grease, etc, and it will look bad. If you are going to do this, you might as well do it well. Practice spraying something cheap and disposable first. A cardboard box is fine. Try for smooth, even passes side to side, keeping the spray nozzle the same distance from the target at all times. Try moving your hand first, then pressing the spray nozzle, and releasing it before you stop moving your hand. You want to avoid a big glob of paint that will run and drip. Try to put down overlapping stripes of paint, so that you end up with an even coat. 2-3 thin coats is better than one heavy coat. If you get a semi-thin coat on it, but it's not running, that's good. Let that dry, and come back in an hour or two, and put on another thin coat like the first one. You will get a better effect overall this way, rather than trying to do one heavy coat that sags and runs. Lastly - when you are done spraying, whether with one thin coat, or the last final coat, turn the can upside down and spray on something cheap until no color comes out, only clear propellant. This cleans the paint out of the nozzle, so that it does not dry and block it up. If that happens, you wo not be able to use the rest of the paint in the can, and you've wasted it.

2. What should i paint on my bed frame?


3. Best way to polish leather bed frame?

i use leather wipes on mine. iv got a real leather sleigh bed and i usually wipe it down with a damp cloth and then use the leather wipes just get them from supermarket cause i have 2 leather sofas aswell. and i usually use furniture polish on it afterwards because i like the smell haha!

4. What to do if bed frame is too tall for headboard?

Tall Bed Frame

5. Is my hand broken or bruised after punching a bed frame?

Use ice off and on first. Feel all along the bone, to feel if there is a super tender spot or a spot that is unusually bumpy. Press on each joint. If that is normal, and you can move it okay, prolly not broke, possible crack or torn muscle or ligament. Any bruising? Bruising is a sign of tissue damage. Make sure you can feel with your pinky (not numb) and the fingernail looks pink (not pale, looks like the other nails) If that is okay, just loosely wrap an ace bandage around your pinky and fourth fingers, then anchor it around your wrist. If it does not get better in a couple days, go to the dr.

6. How do you cut steel? is it hard and what tools do you use? I want to shorten my bed frame, it's a canopy and

you can use a hacksaw. you will probably get an rough, unsquare cut, though. you can use a file to clean up the edges. you can use a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade, and then file. if it is a nice , or expensive bed, best thing is to take it apart and take it to a machine shop and let them do it. -------- edit. several of these tools that people are recommending cost a lot of money. if you dont already own one, you will spend a lot and use it once. but, what the heck, if you want to spend $100-250 for a tool to cut it, go for it. yes, you can go and rent one, but if you are not very experienced at using the tool, or are not very good at measuring , you will wind up with a messed up bed. find a handyman friend, or let a shop fix it. if you have to ask the question what to cut steel with, that is a sure sign that you need to get someone else to do it.

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