Why Does Walking Outside (not Inside) Clear the Stuffy Nose I Have When I Wake Up?

You probably have some thing allergic In your bedroom. The most likely thing is your bed and pillow. There are mites that live on dead skin flakes Sounds gross, but everyone has them You can vacuum your mattress shake your pillow out ,put a clean c over on it and change your pillowcase every week. If you have an animal sleeping in your room, shut it out. If you have a partner make sure they are not using a strong perfumed soap .other thoughts , if you have air conditioning you may have very air in your bedroom. Increasing humidity might help.

1. How to get mom to leave me alone and stop invading my privacy?

My dear girl, you've got it all wrong. You have no privacy. Your parents own the house; they own the room where your bed is; it's not YOUR room; is just assigned to you. The bed is not yours, the clothes in the closet do not belong to you. Got air conditioning? Even the air you breathe -- does not belong to you. Your mother cannot invade OR disrespect your privacy; because legally you have none! Your phone or ipad; they belong to your parents -- not you. They been given to you to use properly; your mother has a right to look at the contents of HER property. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES SWEETHEART!

2. What are some possible solutions to water and air pollution?

Dealing with water pollution is something that everyone (including governments and local councils) needs to get involved with. Here are a few things you can do to help. Learning about the issue (like you are doing) is the greatest and most important step to take. Here are a few more: You can help 1. Never throw rubbish away anyhow. Always look for the correct waste bin. If there is none around, please take it home and put it in your trash can. This includes places like the beach, riverside and water bodies. 2.Use water wisely. Do not keep the tap running when not in use. Also, you can reduce the amount of water you use in washing and bathing. If we all do this, we can significantly prevent water shortages and reduces the amount of dirty water that needs treatment. 3.Do not throw chemicals, oils, paints and medicines down the sink drain, or the toilet. In many cities, your local environment office can help with the disposal of medicines and chemicals. Check with your local authorities if there is a chemical disposal plan for local residents. 4.Buy more environmentally safe cleaning liquids for the use at home and other public places. They are less dangerous to the environment. 5.If you use chemicals and pesticides for your gardens and farms, be mindful not to overuse pesticides and fertilizers. This will reduce runoffs of the material into nearby water sources. Start looking at options of composting and using organic manure instead. Air pollution 1. Walk or ride a bike when possible. 2. Take public transportation. 3. Organize and condense errands into one trip. 4. When driving, accelerate gradually and obey the speed limit. 5. Drive less, particularly on days with unhealthy air 6.12. Turn the lights off when you leave a room. 7. Replace energy-hungry incandescent lights with compact florescent light bulbs. 8 Ask your energy supplier for a home audit and inquire about alternative energy solutions like solar or wind. 9 Opt for a fan instead of air conditioning.

3. rent house-ac keeps going out?

Quit griping . People managed to live a long time without air conditioning.. If you can not stand the heat , get out of the kitchen !!

4. What is a truly American item?

Sadly, the Atomic Bomb. Others would be the television, air conditioning, and barbed wire,

5. What does the M stand for on the candy "M&Ms"?

M&M's, one of the most popular candies in the United States, were originally an import from England called Smarties. Forrest Mars Sr. saw soldiers during the Spanish Civil War eating chocolate pellets that were coated in sugar to prevent chocolate from sticking to their fingers. After the rights were purchased by Americans Forrest Mars Sr. and R. Bruce Murrie in 1939, they had to reintroduce them to the domestic market with a different name because there was already a candy product sold in the U.S. under the name Smarties. To identify their new brand, they combined the first initials of their last names: M & M. M&M's were first sold in the United States in 1941. By World War II, American soldiers were given the candy by the United States Army because they were a convenient snack that traveled well in any climate; soon after this it was marketed to the public. M&M's soon became a hit because, in those times when air conditioning was not usually found in stores, homes, or the automobile, melting chocolate candy bars were a problem; but with M&M's, the candy's coating kept the chocolate from getting messy. - more on wikipedia.com

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