Why Is My Air Conditioner Full of Water?

ahhh idk where it comes from or what but your not the only one mine fills up w/ ice it sux it makes such a horrible noise and for some reason it only does it at like 3am i will be reading this post again and hope some one else can help

1. air conditioner not cooling house since adding freon?

There is a thermal overload device inside of a compressor....If by chance the tech put too much freon in the system and overloaded the compressor it will trip this device when it gets too hot...After the compressor cools down it will come back on and run till it gets too hot and will repeat doing this unless the problem is corrected. ...Or it is possible that the overload is defective and the compressor will need to be replaced

2. Replacing furnace and air conditioner?

Goodman is basically Amana. They are low end cheap model of HVAC equipment. They work fine, but cheap parts fail often. If you are handy it's a good deal. My house came with Goodman/Amana that was 5 years old. I do commercial HVAC for a living. I have had to work on the furnace 3 or 4 times, but so far the AC has not had any problems. I would estimate if I would have had to call a service guy and he was fair it would have cost me up to $500 for service and parts. If he was not fair it could have been a lot more. Since I did it all myself it has cost me next to nothing. My control board in the furnace failed to kick on the fan. I replaced the board with a used one I had from a scrap furnace. I also had to replace a capacitor on the blower that was about $9.00. I looked at their old service tickets from the previous owner and they had racked up several hundred dollars in service calls on the furnace as well. It's a decent system if you take care of it, but the inconvenience of having nuisance problems might be a bad thing for somebody who has no experience. It will also nickel and dime you over the years. You will probably still save some money on the initial purchase even with the impending service calls.

3. air conditioner pouring out water?

It's due to bad installation. The water collects and drains into your room instead of ouside; make sure that the drainage slopes correctly

4. Air conditioner versus a heat pump?

If you have ducts going in and ducts going out, it should. It works in my case

5. Window Air Conditioner Unit: fix or replace?

Get rid of it...they have these from 80-120 bucks at walmart. The 120 buck unit had a remote control. If you get it repaired you will have to deal with shady small appliance repair guy, who will charge you 50 bucks just to look at it.

6. I have a question about air-conditioner?

Most home air conditioner units are closed cycle, they recirculate all of the inside air and do not have a fresh air intake when used in an air conditioner mode. Some window units will allow fresh air to be blown into the house, but you have to deliberately set it to do that. Commercial A/C units in stores etc. will have fresh air intakes that are set up to input a set amount of fresh air, according to design.

7. good quality air conditioner?

goodman.com the best of the best

8. in the air conditioner is the freon the part in the house or the part that outside?

Freon is the gas in the AC unit that makes it cool, does not matter whether its a central unit or window

9. why is my air conditioner leaking?

is this a window unit ? the unit condenses water normally tilt the unit more to the outside

10. Air conditioner draining too much water?

I will go with the consensus that there's nothing wrong with the a/c. Because of the way it works, air conditioning systems generate condensate. In most cases, central a/c is drained into the home's wastewater system. A secondary drain is often provided to back up the primary. In your case, someone got cheap and just drilled through the ceiling over the tub instead. The reason you may be seeing more condensate now is that there are two of you living there instead of one. That will generate more latent heat and, in turn, cause more condensate

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