Why Were Telephones Attached to the Wall?

You could choose, some were and some were not.Reasons for wall mount: maybe it had to go in a hallway where there was room for a desk or table

1. How much can a competitive online poker player make?

As with every answer in poker: it depends.Let's take the case of what I will call the "Typical Grinder." This is by far the most average estimate of the earn that those who actually CAN beat online poker will be making. This is a guy who is playing competitively. Let's assume that he is playing No Limit Texas Holdem at "6-Max" tables. This just means that no more than 6 people can be sitting at the table at a time. Oftentimes, a professional player will be playing upwards of 4 tables at once to maximize their hourly earn.Hourly earn is determined by Big Bets per 100 hands. So, if you are playing a $100 buyin table that goes through 100 hands an hour, and you are winning at 2BB/100, your hourly earn would be equivalent to $4/hr. One big bet = two big blinds. We will assume he is playing tables with a $200 buyin. These tables typically play at about 100 hands/hr, and the average grinder will be playing around 6. A very typical winrate per 100 hands is around 2BB/100, or $8/hr per table. This is a post-rake figure. At six tables, this comes out to $48/hr. Most serious players have something called "rakeback," which is a clever business model that poker affiliates have created. Rake as you probably know is the amount of money the poker sites remove from each pot - it's how they get paid. Rakeback essentially gives you a percentage of your total rake back every month. An average figure for this is about 25%. If we assume our hypothetical player plays 5 days a week at six hours a day then our player will have made around $1440/week, or $75,000 a year. Add in rakeback for all of the year's rake and you have another $30,000, bringing the total to $115,000.Depending on how you file taxes, you will be in a variety of tax brackets based on professional or hobbyist status. In addition, because of the luck element in poker, the concept of variance plays very heavily into the lives of professional players. It's entirely possible to run VASTLY below expected value and VASTLY ahead of expected value. In addition, where most people may think that losing a lot of all-ins with AA is an obvious form of variance affecting you in a negative way, there are many more subtle manifestations that can never be fully discovered. I want to stress that the "average" player is not playing anywhere near this amount of hours in a year. In my experience, the typical poker player who can win and plays at medium to low stakes is somewhat lazy and does not take full advantage of the skillset he's trained himself in. Thus, you see a lot of these players waste a bunch of their time. All of these figures are as average as I could possibly make them. Here's a list of some factors that will affect these:1. Your propensity for emotional instability (also known as tilting)n2. Your ability to play 6h/day without losing your competitive edgen3. Your ability to focus on higher/lower amounts of tablesn4. Your progression vs. the fieldn a. Staying at the same level of skill = losing, because the field as a whole is improving on average. n5. The stakes you playn a. Both moving up or down in stakes could make you more or less money - move up and keep same winrate = win more, drop winrate by more than 50% = win less, corollary applies to moving down.n6. Rakeback percentage - even a small %change can add or subtract a few thousand dollars.n7. Consistency - can you play consistently throughout the year, with optimal mental sharpness?How much can a competitive online poker player make?.

2. What do Chinese people think of Turks?

I used to be fascinated by the domes of the byzantine architectures, the distinctive cuisines, the effusive people and the history with respect to the Crusade. But my plan to visit this country was thwarted by the constant military coups and fanaticism of the virulent terrorists who claimed responsibility for the slaughter of our civilians in the public venues in China. The Turkish government is said to have stepped in the illegal migration of the perilous Uyghur terrorists, who would then head for Syria and Iraq to be trained by the IS terrorist before returning to our country to stage terrorist attacks. Debilitated by the inflation, Turkey is witnessing an economic slump. Worse still, the bigotry of the president makes the confidence of the European investors taper off, who are less likely to pump more money into the Turkish market for fear of the grim prospect.When China is extending an olive branch through "One Belt, One Road" initiative, the president should be more steadfast in suppressing the IS terrorists, so as to seek more aid and funding from both Europe and China. Besides the current fairs, the historical precedents also intrigue me as to the Western influence on Turkey. Selim III was the first Sultan to follow Peter the Great in implementing sweeping reforms aimed at modernizing his country, but the Janissaries eventually deposed and imprisoned him, and placed his cousin on the throne. Selim was subsequently killed by a group of assassins. His reforms were doomed to fail, as he was out of his depth in facing the overwhelming opposition from the vested interests, aligned with the recalcitrant janissaries, known for the pillage of their own battalions when fighting against the Russians.Unable to win over the masses, especially the middle class, he couldn't consolidate his reign to strike out on one's own.In comparison, Peter the Great brutally crushed rebellions of the mutineer against his authority and the civil uprisings, publicly exhibiting the corpses of conspirator. At the same time, he issued 3000 decrees and sent regular delegation to Europe for a talented labor pool.What's more, Peter the Great deprived the Boyars of their power by establishing "table of ranks" to break the order of precedence by birth in the government.What do Chinese people think of Turks?What do Chinese people think of Turks ?.

3. Li-ion CR2 / 15270 voltage and charging circuitry

Actually the most common Li-ion are 3.6V. The charlatan vendors on eBay and Amazon like to incorrectly use 3.7V. You can find the Panasonic NCR18650 cells on eBay and Amazon as 3.7V. Yet the Panasonic NCR18650 datasheet says 3. 6v. There are various Li-ion chemistries. The more expensive Li-manganese, used in power tools, is 3.7V. Most Li-ion are Li-cobalt or Lithium Nickel Manganese. The 3.2V Li-phosphate is becoming more popular especially as an automotive Lead Acid replacement. The expensive Li-titanate are 2. 4V. See the "Nominal Voltage" row of the various Li-ion batteries: Summary Table of Lithium-based Batteries You cannot use a charger on a CR2.The CR2 lithium (Lithium/Iron Disulfide, Li/MnO2) is a primary battery, not rechargeable. Lithium AA batteries have a nominal 1.5V. The CR2 is a dual cell, Li/MnO2 batteryLINK: Lithium (CR2) Datasheet.

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